AOA Eye Exam Guidelines

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends the following elements be included in a comprehensive eye health exam and vision analysis:

  • Chief Complaint: assessment of the patient’s reason for getting an eye exam
  • General Physical Health History: complete health history to screen for physical conditions and medications that may affect eyesight
  • General Ocular Health History: complete eye health history including family history of eye conditions, disease, or medication
  • External and Internal Eye Health Evaluation: examination for the signs of eye disorders, including cataracts and other eye disorders
  • Current Prescription Analysis: evaluation of current lens prescription, if applicable
  • Visual Acuity: test for the eyes’ ability to see sharply and clearly at all distances
  • Refraction: test for the eyes’ ability to focus light rays properly on the retina at distances and close by
  • Tonometry: test to measure internal fluid pressure of the eye (increased pressure may be an early sign of glaucoma)
  • Visual Coordination: check for external eye muscle balance and coordination
  • Accommodative Ability: test of the eyes’ ability to change focus from distance to near
  • Other: exams may include tests for color vision and depth perception, visual fields, and other vision skills, as needed.