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I believe more than a vision screening needs to be done before kindergarten. My son had a lot of problems in kindergarten. We had a meeting with his kindergarten teacher and she pretty much threw her hands up. She said it was impossible to keep him in his seat, and that she had tried everything. She said he was very bright but could not sit still, had problems listening, and socially he was behind. When we asked his teacher what options the school offered she said we were on our own.

I made several appointments for Alex with a psychologist and an audiologist. I never thought to make an appointment for his vision because it was screened just before school began and he had passed.

I was talking at work about Alex’s issues concerning school with some fellow nurses. A nurse who was an instructor suggested that he needed to have his eyes checked…[by] someone familiar with checking eye muscle movements.

We had nothing to lose so I made the appointment. The rest is history. Alex was seeing double and had severe muscle tracking problems with his eyes. I canceled all the other appointments.

His eyes were the issue the whole time.

I was so close to having him labeled and midiagnosed. I would have been easy to say that he had ADD and have him medicated! I feel that nothing can replace a true eye exam.

—Stacy Meadows