From KC Metro Area

I saw a little girl today who had never had an eye exam. Her mother didn’t have any concerns, but because of the Missouri Children’s Vision Law, her mother brought her in to get her form filled out for the school.

The girl’s uncorrected vision was 20/20 in the right eye and 20/32 in the left eye. She didn’t have stereo vision! Retinoscopy revealed that she is farsighted in both eyes, but worse in her left eye.

If this little girl hadn’t had the opportunity to get glasses she would have amblyopia for the rest of her life, and amblyopia can have a a negative impact in school, sports, and many other parts of life.

Now she’s got new glasses, and we will see her back in a month to check her vision and possibly start eye patching, if necessary.

Because of the Missouri Children’s Law, we are giving children the opportunity to succeed in school and life and become better citizens.

—Andrea R. Keele, OD